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Dart has held HR leadership roles at companies world-renowned for their talent practices. He is currently head of Global Process Excellence for People Operations at Google and before joining Google led the Human Resources Transformation Planning and Analysis organization for Cisco Systems.

Prior to embarking on his business career, Dart spent almost two decades in the literary arts, as a writer, editor and university instructor. A part of him has always continued to stand off to one side and observe business as an artist and a foreigner.

Dart’s perspective was deepened by his work as a business architect. Business architecture is a discipline from operations, not human resources. Building the logical models required by business archtecture forced him to stand so far back from the problem that he stepped out of the local paradigm and could see the functioning of the business as it really is.  

Dart is working on a book which is the culmination of these experiences.

See a full list of publications, patents and honors here.

Dart Lindsley

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