I’m on a mission to humanize work. This site discusses why and how we should use design principles to improve work experience. Part of this site collects information about what people want from work, and the rest describes findings as I uncover them.

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HR’s New Why:


Employees are not inputs to production, not bought things, not assets or capital: they’re customers. And that changes everything. When we see that employees are customers, the purpose of HR is transformed.  Business is transformed. And the opportunity is enormous. 

Whole and Alive at Work: Jeff Saperstein Interviews Dart, Part 2


This is the second of two interviews with Jeff Saperstein. In this interview, Dart recounts stories of applying the principles of Work for Humans, and goes deeper into how to quantify the value of the employee customer. Jeff is a marketing professor and co-author of a number of books with Hunter Hastings, most recent of which is The Interconnected Individual. Find the original podcast here. Jeff...

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